Todd’s latest album – Love dot com – is available now, and along with endorsements from several of the featured composers, it has also attracted glowing praise from Grammy-winning producer and arranger, Brent Fischer:

“Todd Gordon’s ‘Love dot com’ album is an enthralling collection of classics and brilliant originals all done in a signature way. Gordon has created, yet again, his own clear aesthetic with witty ideas and that incredibly warm voice we all love. Not only that, he’s one of those rare singers where you can actually understand every word he sings. This is awe-inspiring creativity!”

Brent Fischer – Grammy-winning Producer & Arranger
(Michael Jackson, Usher, Al Jarreau, Prince, Joss Stone, Elvis Costello, et al)

“A big thumbs up from Leiber-Stoller base camp”
Mike Stoller (whose catalog includes Hound Dog, On Broadway, Jailhouse Rock, etc)

“Lovely record – your attention to a lyric is Sinatra-esque”
Jake Holmes (co-writer of Frank Sinatra’s ‘Watertown’ album)

“I like the new treatment [of ‘I Remember Sky’] very much”
Stephen Sondheim

“An interesting range of material in a distinctive style – Scottish Cool! – your voice reminds me of Mel Torme, going from loud to soft with ease”
Gilbert O’Sullivan

You can buy it online from amazon, iTunes, etc. The CD versions are also available: Evergreen (BigBand Records – international release) / Helping the Heroes (Proper/Specific – UK release) / Love dot com (Stem)